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iPhone X: What You Should Know

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iPhone X Overview

The one that for many was the device that defined the concept of the smartphone as what was settled after ten years and the model of that anniversary could not be more of the same.

As expected, as questioned, as filtering the tenth generation of iPhone has materialized in a new terminal that breaks previous molds to many levels, which we have been able to verify in the analysis of the iPhone X.

To ensure that keeping the essence of a product and adapting to market demands is not a dilemma, but the pitch is not an easy thing. And in fact, Apple has "cost" ten years to break with a front that was maintained stoic generation after generation, experiencing a minimal evolution.

The farewell to a symbol, the Home button, has occurred when welcoming the FaceID and a notch (the famous notch) that hides the machinery that makes this new and protagonist function of the iPhone X. Beyond an aesthetic change, it means renewing the interface-user interaction in a quite remarkable way.

Does it compensate to say good-bye to the fast TouchID? Are the 5.8 inches without frames the diagonal size ideal for not having a "small" smartphone and salvation to the huge size Plus? The iPhone X has come to redefine the Apple smartphone from Cook's apple. For that "we don't do it first, but we do it better" that we have tried to show earlier. So let's see if we can give them this license and if Apple has done it at last.

Good news for those who have avoided the stress of wanting to get an iPhone X during the first days of their availability: no longer to wait too long to get one. Thanks to what should be improvements in the assembly chain and logistics, in many Apple Store on the planet you can spend and buy directly one without waiting.

It does not happen with all models. There is still an excessive demand in some of them. But it is a good sign that there is already a reasonably good availability so few weeks after the launch: the iPhone X has become the phone that everyone wants to have and see it in the street is crucial for that phenomenon to lengthen.

After the invasion of the Animoji during their first weekend of availability, the users began to make different tests on the iPhone X. One of them was to cover part of the TrueDepth sensor to see if the Animoji were still working, which happens. This led many to believe that Apple had restricted the use of Animoji to the iPhone X artificially and as a selling point of the star terminal of this generation.

iPhone X Technical characteristics

The iPhone X is all screen and design. With its 5.8-inch Super retina screen, It now reaches the ends adjusting to the rounded edges with complete precision and elegance. OLED display with dazzling colors, authentic blacks, and a spectacular glow that gives us a 1,000,000:1 contrast. Designed in glass, both in its frontal apart and its posterior, with the most resistant crystal used in a Smartphone and combined with surgical grade stainless steel

It integrates the new facial recognition, with which you can unlock the iPhone X with the face ID, sign in and use Apple Pay with total security. The unique face ID is used in the new TrueDepth camera that projects and analyzes 30,000 invisible points creating a detailed depth map of your face.

The front camera gets selfies with a close-up I knew crisp and with an entirely blurred background achieving a professional bokeh effect. Also, combined with the new TrueDepth the camera analyzed more than 50 muscle movements that reflected in up to 12 emojis fun through a message.

12MPX's front camera with its new color filter brought deeper pixels and enhanced image stabilization (OIS) getting stunning pictures and as you've never seen. The wide-angle and telephoto lens with an optical zoom of up to X 10 allows us to have the closest to a professional camera in our pocket.

His brain is now more powerful more intelligent and of more excellent performance, the A11 Bionic chip capable of performing up to 600 billion operations per second. 4 cores that are up to 70% faster than the A10 Fusion chip and the 2 cores that give up to 25% more speed.

With its innovative wireless charging technology and AirPower smart base, you will be able to charge the iPhone X without the need for any cable.

Official Website: Help Page: iPhone X manual

Apple Announces iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus

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iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus Apple has finally officially introduced the latest iPhone for this year through events held at Steve Jobs’s Theater. This is the first event held in a room that is located in the Apple Park Campus, Cupertino, United States.

According to previous rumors that evolved, the company that announced the presence of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. From the design side, both this smartphone brings the design that is not different from iPhone 7 Plus but with a wrap of glass on the front and the back.

Comes with the latest processors are armed with artificial intelligence, A11 Bionic, Apple claims it’s faster processor capabilities of 25 per cent of its predecessor. Both this smartphone comes with three color options, i.e., gold, silver gray, and space.

For size, iPhone 8 screen spans still have 4.7 inches, while the iPhone 8 Plus has 5.5-inch display. The second screen of the device is also the first time using technology for True Tone Display that offers a more exciting experience.

“iPhone 8 and 8 Plus comes with whole preferred features from previous versions, but with better capabilities,” said Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller Apple, when announcing the presence of the iPhone 8 series.

From the side of the camera, iPhone 8 comes with a 12MP resolution main camera features an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). While the iPhone is 8 Plus has two cameras 12MP resolution behind, which each have the aperture f/1.8 and f/2.8.

To enhance the ability of this smartphone in portrait mode, Apple undertook to bring the features of Portrait Lighting. With this feature, the user can adjust the lighting as needed to produce the most desirable portrait images.

Featured: iPhone 8 Plus Manual

Apple also designed the device for augmented reality. It is possible because the company buries the new gyroscope and accelerometer sensor. iPhone 8 series and also indeed have supported Wireless charging.

As for around the price of these two devices is the US $699 to iPhone 8 and the US $799 for iPhone 8 Plus. According to the plan, both can be booked starting September 15, 2017, and is available on the market on September 22, 2017.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

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enter image description here

It has been a few years for Samsung Galaxy series to have a serious improvement in camera quality. Recently, we can see that the company is pretty serious improving the camera quality by reviewing the Galaxy S7’s camera which is said to be better than the camera on the iPhone 6S in some respects. If we look back at this fact, we are optimistic about the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera. We also have collected all news, rumors, and reports related to the Galaxy S8 camera. Hopefully, we can help you figure out how the Galaxy S8 camera will be.

Based on the recent report about Samsung Galaxy S8 camera, it says that Samsung will go a step further for the Galaxy S8. The report says that the company won’t just focus on improving the rear camera for the Galaxy S8, but the front-facing camera will also get some attention. It is rumored that the Galaxy S8 may feature an autofocus selfie camera, according to ETNews in South Korea. A rear camera with autofocus is none of the special, but if it happens to the front-facing camera, it is something. The rumor says that the camera will allegedly feature an encoder sort of focusing mechanism rather than a voice coil motor. It means that the focusing actuator will be on the side of the lens rather than the middle of the lens. The actuator will also reportedly recognize people located at different distances in the frame. With this feature, it is going to be optimized for group shots. While for the rear camera, according to a tip from Chinese social media site Weibo, saying that the phone will feature a dual 12MP + 13MP rear-facing camera, which ties into the trend for dual-camera setups. Whereas we got the unclear picture about exactly how it will work, or what type of effects it will produce before the company announce the new handset officially.

For more leaks about Samsung Galaxy S8, we have the best evidence of a camera upgrade that is a recent Samsung patent filing in South Korea. The patent describes a newly improved zoom function for smartphones. From this patent, we can speculate that Samsung plans to mimic the iPhone 7 Plus, and add a dual-camera module with a telephoto zoom lens. This leaks, of course, strengthen the rumors about adding autofocus on the S8’s front-facing camera. There is no reason for Samsung couldn’t introduce such an upgrade for the next generation of Samsung Galaxy.

Taken from: website

Sony Alpha A99 II

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Sony has released a new camera, Sony Alpha A99 II. Although in the past this type of announcements often already far in advance were leaked, there was now up to a few minutes before the actual announcement no indication that it would go to this camera.

Sony Alpha A99 II Review

That such a camera in development was very expected, the A99 motorway has been announced four years ago and with all the new developments in the E-mount cameras was to be expected that this also in the A-mount were going to come back.


For the first time in an A-mount camera, the Sony A99II the five-axis stabilization which we also know from the II models of the A7 series. Because the semi-transparent mirror used in the A99II a little light stops, is a better stabilization a beautiful addition to a little longer out of control photos.


A much-heard point about shooting with the A7rII is that the photos you take are not directly sometimes to look back and certainly not to zoom in to do a check on sharpness for example. The A99II has the same sensor and has to avoid this problem a new front end LSI so that images are written faster and less quickly fills up the buffer.

New developments

During the short presentation prior to the hands-on by Yoma Hori, the head of digital imaging in Europe, the highlights of this new camera rapidly over, I leave them here.


For many people the Sony menu remains a stumbling block, I regularly give workshops for people who do not get everything out of the camera and only the menu with an explanation you can just a half day cost. It was indicated that listened to this criticism and therefore simplified the menu now.


The 42.4 MP sensor is the same as in the A7rII, so also without Low Pass filter.


The A99II has the same autofocus system as the A7rII, namely hybrid phase detection. At this camera with reflective mirror is the image that enters through the mirror to the AF sensor controlled and there is also autofocus on the sensor. This results in 399 focus points, of which 79 cross-hybrid. This brings you to an image coverage of 47% in A99II compared to 29% at the A99. The dedicated AF sensor provides the focus of the horizontal lines, which on the sensor does the vertical lines where they cross each other you get the 79 hybrid cross points, which are the same as conventional cross points.

There are 323 focus points that you can select. Now that's generally what many to quickly scrolling if you want to choose a focus point. Thus you can also choose 63 or by 15 points to be able to walk when choosing your focus point. Choose you like this way your focus point, then there is also the possibility for the extensive selective point or expandable flexible spot. Then keep the focus not only the chosen point but also the points around them in the holes.


Where clearly it started with this camera, the shots that you can create in quick succession. You can choose like the A6300 for 12 fps, 8 fps gives a Liveview, so you will not come too short and fast at moving objects with the improved buffer function you can get to about 50 images before your camera will go faster.


Hang your camera directly to the computer for product and portrait photography then you have now the possibility to beside that your photos are stored only on your computer, save it on your memory card, in both RAW and JPG or both.

The body is still manufactured from magnesium but has been redesigned. He is now 8% smaller, the grip is improved and there is now room for two SD card slots. On all possible inputs, including buttons, rubber sealing rings, so that the camera dust-and-water-resistant. The shutter is now about 300,000 leisure activities and the viewfinder has gotten an upgrade. This now offers a magnification of 0, 78 x, but retains its 2.360 k dots OLED Panel. However, the lenses in the viewfinder improved for better clarity.

A 24 Megapixel sensor was the basis for the original model, but this is now upgraded to no less than 42.4 megapixels. It is a backside-illuminated Exmor R sensor with copper wiring for faster reading. The standard ISO range is 100-25,600 but can be extended to 50-102400. For better details of the optical low-pass filter is omitted. On that sensor are now 399 autofocus sensors that work with the separate auto focus module. Which module has a further 79 cross-point sensors with better precision? The 4 d Focus system, such as Sony calls it, combines those two forms of phase-detection autofocus and can be as continuous focus offer in situations with very little light to EV-4.

Sony Alpha A99 II Review: The camera can also with 12 fps shooting while maintaining focus tracking. Image stabilization does Sony with the image sensor and does so at the A99 Mark II on five different axes-horizontal, vertical, horizontal tilt, vertical tilt, and rotation. The result is that the shutter can 4.5 stop slower for more light.

On board is also a new X Bionz image processor. This makes include the 12 fps burst rate possible and also ensures that there is now in 4 k can be included with full pixel readout. On 4 k resolution can do so with up to 30 fps at 100 Mbps. Full HD can be shot at 120 fps with 100 Mbps, making the slow motion so also belongs to the possibilities.

iPad Pro 2017

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Apple will renew the iPad Pro in March 2017. Seems that the newly presented iPad Pro, is going to have a second generation soon. According to the news of AppleInsider, Apple Asian supply chain worker leaked photographs pointing to it from the iPad Pro 2 with a number of identification of the unknown device, which would be a new model. Previously the device is identified as the model number MH1C2CD/F, the numbering is not assigned to any model of iPad presented so far. Numbers of devices ML0G2LL/A-ML3N2LL/A are currently used for mobile devices.

iPad Pro 2

iPad Pro 2

These photos provide some clues about the possible iPad Pro 2 as well as the prototype of the device. The iPad takes only 12 GB of storage, enough to load an operating system and applications for internal testing. With regard to the system operating in if, the photos show a number of compilation corresponding with the last beta of iOS 10 of Apple, that was released at the beginning of this month for them developers. Apple wants to renew its entire line of iPad Pro launching three new models in March of next year, said Barclays Research analysts cite as a source to employees of the firm supplying chains, the La Tercera newspaper reported.

Three new tablets from Apple would be in three dimensions: a classic iPad's 9.7 inches, an update to the largest 12.9 version inches and the novelty of 10.9 inches, no framework or "Home" button. Therefore, the classic "home" key would be eliminated. Regarding the iPad Pro 12.9 inches, this should have a display True Tone, which has already been implemented in the current iPad Pro of 9.7 inches. Four speakers should be inserted in three models and it should continue to exist the classical connector jack of 3.5 mm. 12 MP iSight cameras may also be. Read more iPad Pro 2 manual here.

Galaxy X, Folding Mobile Samsung For 2017

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enter image description here The roadmap of the leading South Korean manufacturer of consumer technology seems to be set for the next year 2017, and little by little the details are revealing. After the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Edge this year, and waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, during the next year is expected also Samsung Galaxy S8, but will come into play a new line known as Samsung Galaxy X so far. And like it has been waiting for some years, they will be folding.

Along with LG Electronics, Samsung is a leader in the development of screens for smart devices. They are two generations that have already mounted screens P-OLED flexible, and thanks to which formed series Edge, but the next thing is to make the body of your devices offer folding teams, something that already had been left see different patents, and that Samsung had shown in conceptual designs also 'flexible'. Now, one point key is that the resolution of this folding device is 4K, and subpixel layout will be maintained using the PenTile format that allows significant energy savings for autonomy.

What has not transcended details is on the configuration of the terminal in terms of its construction. He is not known yet whether the materials used will continue to be the aluminum and glass, either will resume the polycarbonate for increased resistance. In any case, several years Samsung has been patenting for the configuration of a hinge, in the central part of the device, which will be which allows you to fold it thanks to the flexibility of the screen.

Internal components such as the processor or the battery, among others, are still not flexible. Without, however, the circuitry and the display Yes. Therefore, and taking into account these patents, all indications are that Samsung will leverage this hinge to take it as a single point of a fold. And thus, if the software you can vary between formats Tablet and smartphone with only folding and unfolding the device.

Galaxy X, folding mobile Samsung for 2017. Get ready for new rumors about Samsung. Koreans do not want to lose its privileged position in the world of cell phones and the bus sales of its S7. Samsung fans are looking forward to that presented the new mobile logo this year Note 6. Note 6-Galaxy will start in a couple of months, but we see ahead in 2017. We didn't have enough with the rumors about releases of terminals in the second half of 2016, now a leak on the so-called roadmap of presentations of Samsung comes to the year 2017.

Nintendo NX Price

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Nintendo NX Nintendo NX is still in mystery so far. There’s no official confirmation about the Nintendo NX appearance, its hardware and software, and anything about Nintendo NX details, but still we all know that we’ll be able to get our hands on one: March 2017. Well, that’s enough for now. About the release date, Nintendo has confirmed that the Nintendo NX is scheduled to be released in March 2017 in its annual financial results report. The company said “For our dedicated video game platform business, Nintendo is currently developing a gaming platform codenamed ‘NX’ with a brand-new concept. NX will be launched in March globally.”

Nintendo has main goal to create a synergetic effect between the smart device business and Nintendo’s dedicated game system business to maximize the Nintendo business overall. When people are asking about Nintendo NX price, it seems that we can’t expect for Nintendo to make the Nintendo NX cheap. if we look back to the previous Nintendo console, the price in the market is finally end up as the cheapest game console. But it doesn’t mean that the upcoming Nintendo NX will end up with the same price. Some speculation said that there is a possibility for the NX price approximately £200 mark.

The speculation based on the rumor about the Nintendo NX to be as powerful as PS4. The CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said that Nintendo NX will not be made at a loss. This because selling at a loss at launch would not support the business, therefore they are keeping that in mind in developing Nintendo NX. However, there is a suggestion for Nintendo to make the upcoming Nintendo console to be a lot cheaper than expected. It is also important for Nintendo NX console when it is targeting the mass market. Well, let’s hope that there’d be the best price for the company and also for the users.

If you are one of the biggest loyal consumer of Apple, you must have already known about the term of Apple Siri as newest application given by Apple, right? Yet, as if you just ever heard about the Siri-thing, it is possible that you are going to ask yourself with the question of ‘what is Apple Siri means actually, what is the usage?’ and another Siri-related questions. Well, in order to answer the question, it should be started from the definition of Apple Siri itself. So, Apple Siri known as the newest personal digital assistant brought by Apple, which is the main task is giving a lot of easiness into the loyal consumer of Apple. It means that Siri has been equipped with huge capability in order to help the user out of their own problem, such as start from the little-not so important stuffs like control the apple music with Siri—where you are able to play, skip, shuffle, and all, until the urge one where you are able to get direction and maps displayed in 3D with such very pretty display.

In other way, here are several common stuffs which is given by Apple Siri, in order to answer the question of ‘what is Apple Siri?’

Taken from iOS Manuals here:

Most user were get stack whenever they are using Apple Siri for the very first time since they cannot configure, set-up, secure, which lead them to start using Siri. Thus, you need to configure, as well as secure the Siri so you can adjust the certain settings based on your preference.

In the other hand, with the main characteristic of Siri is that this application based on your voice, so you are able to do everything sound-related with Siri. You only need to say something into your Apple Siri, and Siri would know what it is and what to do in perfect time.

You will also able to check for missed calls, listen to voicemails and everything you are about to do with Siri in hands-free style, so you can operate Siri everywhere and every time you want.

Thus, with the answer of what is Apple Siri? Related question, it would be better if you can download this based on voice application as your personal digital assistant. In the end, there is no need to worries about your stuffs anymore. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your mobile phone and download this Apple Siri in no time!

Apple Siri Command as Based on Voice

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Known as personal digital assistant, there are huge capability can be done by Apple Siri at once, with only say something—as well as everything, you want to do. Thus, it is really easy to get in the groove with Siri since you only need to speak, and Apple Siri would know what exactly it is, and what to do with that. So, it is really true to name Apple Siri with the most satisfying personal assistant ever, brought by Apple. However, even though known as personal digital which can do everything, you still need to know, more and deeper, about the Apple Siri command list, so you can ask everything you need to do in ease. Yet, there are not so many tutorial of Apple Siri given the example of commands can be given to Siri, so here are some commands which is known as main command of Apple Siri. You can use it on iPhone 7. Get the complete manual here.

The Apple Siri command list actually differ based on the main focus given by Apple, such as get direction and map, control the Apple Music in ease, get the agenda written down along with remainders, notes, time, alarms, as well as adjust the Apple Siri with your own preference. However, here are several command lists which is used often by the user.

Define the Relationship of the Contact - In order to input new contact on your list, you are able to use Apple Siri as your personal assistant. Thus, do not need to type the new contact manually yet you are able to speak it in ease. The common command such as “Call me x”, “My wife name is ‘Mrs. X’, yet my dad is ‘Mr. Y’” and another else.

Make a Phone Call - What if you would like to make a phone call yet you do not have a hand to do it manually? Well, just count on Apple Siri to do it for you. You only need to say “Call Barley ”—for specific person, “Call home”, “Redial the last number”, and else.

Send Text Messages (SMS) - Apple Siri also able to help sending messages for you with the commands of “Send a messages to my boss”, “Send messages to number …”, and also let Siri help you to type specific text.

Therefore, as long as you know the Apple Siri command list, you are able to do everything with Apple Siri without having any fuss. So, have you ever found another command which can be understood by Apple Siri?

Have you ever thrown question on your mind about what aspect should be seen in order to prove the professionalism of the iPad Pro 9.7- and 12.9-inch? Well, of course, it does not mean that this article is going to ask about this aspect, yet more into give you several prove that why you have to equip your iPad Pro with additional device, named Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil actually can be named as perfect partner whenever you would like to draw, write, or another work on the iPad Pro screen without any flaw, thus, Apple Pencil also known as the device which can reduce the latency and provide accuracy on your working. Thus, use Apple Pencil in proper way is really important to be known. Well, to shorten the passage, here are several Apple Pencil tutorial to perform the best way of Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil actually designed, specifically, for being used with iPad Pro, so there is no more problem whenever you start to work with this perfectly-fine device. Use Apple Pencil in proper way would make you agree that this device is a precision instrument to write and draw, as well as media to show off your expression in creative way. Here, several things you would like to know about the usage of Apple Pencil.

  1. Does the Apple Pencil would work automatically with your Apple device? Well. Of course not ever since you have to set the Apple Pencil up with your iPad Pro. Yet, the process would not get difficult since you only need to remove the lid of the top of the Apple Pencil, to find the Lighting connection which is used to pair the iPad and the device.

  2. Do not worry whenever the connection is being cut-off ever since Apple have already equipped with the adaptor-cable which can be used to input implement on your device.

  3. You also really have to prepare yourself to be surprised because while using the Apple Pencil, you are going to feel like using the real-pencil one instead of additional device since the delay is negligible.

So, as conclusion, there is nothing need to be worried whenever you use Apple Pencil to provide better workplace on your own. You only need to set it up, and use it well based on your need. Just make sure that you have use the device properly which can boost your works to be easier.