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Apple Siri Command as Based on Voice

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Known as personal digital assistant, there are huge capability can be done by Apple Siri at once, with only say something—as well as everything, you want to do. Thus, it is really easy to get in the groove with Siri since you only need to speak, and Apple Siri would know what exactly it is, and what to do with that. So, it is really true to name Apple Siri with the most satisfying personal assistant ever, brought by Apple. However, even though known as personal digital which can do everything, you still need to know, more and deeper, about the Apple Siri command list, so you can ask everything you need to do in ease. Yet, there are not so many tutorial of Apple Siri given the example of commands can be given to Siri, so here are some commands which is known as main command of Apple Siri. You can use it on iPhone 7. Get the complete manual here.

The Apple Siri command list actually differ based on the main focus given by Apple, such as get direction and map, control the Apple Music in ease, get the agenda written down along with remainders, notes, time, alarms, as well as adjust the Apple Siri with your own preference. However, here are several command lists which is used often by the user.

Define the Relationship of the Contact - In order to input new contact on your list, you are able to use Apple Siri as your personal assistant. Thus, do not need to type the new contact manually yet you are able to speak it in ease. The common command such as “Call me x”, “My wife name is ‘Mrs. X’, yet my dad is ‘Mr. Y’” and another else.

Make a Phone Call - What if you would like to make a phone call yet you do not have a hand to do it manually? Well, just count on Apple Siri to do it for you. You only need to say “Call Barley ”—for specific person, “Call home”, “Redial the last number”, and else.

Send Text Messages (SMS) - Apple Siri also able to help sending messages for you with the commands of “Send a messages to my boss”, “Send messages to number …”, and also let Siri help you to type specific text.

Therefore, as long as you know the Apple Siri command list, you are able to do everything with Apple Siri without having any fuss. So, have you ever found another command which can be understood by Apple Siri?