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Galaxy X, Folding Mobile Samsung For 2017

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enter image description here The roadmap of the leading South Korean manufacturer of consumer technology seems to be set for the next year 2017, and little by little the details are revealing. After the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy Edge this year, and waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, during the next year is expected also Samsung Galaxy S8, but will come into play a new line known as Samsung Galaxy X so far. And like it has been waiting for some years, they will be folding.

Along with LG Electronics, Samsung is a leader in the development of screens for smart devices. They are two generations that have already mounted screens P-OLED flexible, and thanks to which formed series Edge, but the next thing is to make the body of your devices offer folding teams, something that already had been left see different patents, and that Samsung had shown in conceptual designs also 'flexible'. Now, one point key is that the resolution of this folding device is 4K, and subpixel layout will be maintained using the PenTile format that allows significant energy savings for autonomy.

What has not transcended details is on the configuration of the terminal in terms of its construction. He is not known yet whether the materials used will continue to be the aluminum and glass, either will resume the polycarbonate for increased resistance. In any case, several years Samsung has been patenting for the configuration of a hinge, in the central part of the device, which will be which allows you to fold it thanks to the flexibility of the screen.

Internal components such as the processor or the battery, among others, are still not flexible. Without, however, the circuitry and the display Yes. Therefore, and taking into account these patents, all indications are that Samsung will leverage this hinge to take it as a single point of a fold. And thus, if the software you can vary between formats Tablet and smartphone with only folding and unfolding the device.

Galaxy X, folding mobile Samsung for 2017. Get ready for new rumors about Samsung. Koreans do not want to lose its privileged position in the world of cell phones and the bus sales of its S7. Samsung fans are looking forward to that presented the new mobile logo this year Note 6. Note 6-Galaxy will start in a couple of months, but we see ahead in 2017. We didn't have enough with the rumors about releases of terminals in the second half of 2016, now a leak on the so-called roadmap of presentations of Samsung comes to the year 2017.