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Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

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It has been a few years for Samsung Galaxy series to have a serious improvement in camera quality. Recently, we can see that the company is pretty serious improving the camera quality by reviewing the Galaxy S7’s camera which is said to be better than the camera on the iPhone 6S in some respects. If we look back at this fact, we are optimistic about the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera. We also have collected all news, rumors, and reports related to the Galaxy S8 camera. Hopefully, we can help you figure out how the Galaxy S8 camera will be.

Based on the recent report about Samsung Galaxy S8 camera, it says that Samsung will go a step further for the Galaxy S8. The report says that the company won’t just focus on improving the rear camera for the Galaxy S8, but the front-facing camera will also get some attention. It is rumored that the Galaxy S8 may feature an autofocus selfie camera, according to ETNews in South Korea. A rear camera with autofocus is none of the special, but if it happens to the front-facing camera, it is something. The rumor says that the camera will allegedly feature an encoder sort of focusing mechanism rather than a voice coil motor. It means that the focusing actuator will be on the side of the lens rather than the middle of the lens. The actuator will also reportedly recognize people located at different distances in the frame. With this feature, it is going to be optimized for group shots. While for the rear camera, according to a tip from Chinese social media site Weibo, saying that the phone will feature a dual 12MP + 13MP rear-facing camera, which ties into the trend for dual-camera setups. Whereas we got the unclear picture about exactly how it will work, or what type of effects it will produce before the company announce the new handset officially.

For more leaks about Samsung Galaxy S8, we have the best evidence of a camera upgrade that is a recent Samsung patent filing in South Korea. The patent describes a newly improved zoom function for smartphones. From this patent, we can speculate that Samsung plans to mimic the iPhone 7 Plus, and add a dual-camera module with a telephoto zoom lens. This leaks, of course, strengthen the rumors about adding autofocus on the S8’s front-facing camera. There is no reason for Samsung couldn’t introduce such an upgrade for the next generation of Samsung Galaxy.

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