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iPhone X: What You Should Know

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iPhone X Overview

The one that for many was the device that defined the concept of the smartphone as what was settled after ten years and the model of that anniversary could not be more of the same.

As expected, as questioned, as filtering the tenth generation of iPhone has materialized in a new terminal that breaks previous molds to many levels, which we have been able to verify in the analysis of the iPhone X.

To ensure that keeping the essence of a product and adapting to market demands is not a dilemma, but the pitch is not an easy thing. And in fact, Apple has "cost" ten years to break with a front that was maintained stoic generation after generation, experiencing a minimal evolution.

The farewell to a symbol, the Home button, has occurred when welcoming the FaceID and a notch (the famous notch) that hides the machinery that makes this new and protagonist function of the iPhone X. Beyond an aesthetic change, it means renewing the interface-user interaction in a quite remarkable way.

Does it compensate to say good-bye to the fast TouchID? Are the 5.8 inches without frames the diagonal size ideal for not having a "small" smartphone and salvation to the huge size Plus? The iPhone X has come to redefine the Apple smartphone from Cook's apple. For that "we don't do it first, but we do it better" that we have tried to show earlier. So let's see if we can give them this license and if Apple has done it at last.

Good news for those who have avoided the stress of wanting to get an iPhone X during the first days of their availability: no longer to wait too long to get one. Thanks to what should be improvements in the assembly chain and logistics, in many Apple Store on the planet you can spend and buy directly one without waiting.

It does not happen with all models. There is still an excessive demand in some of them. But it is a good sign that there is already a reasonably good availability so few weeks after the launch: the iPhone X has become the phone that everyone wants to have and see it in the street is crucial for that phenomenon to lengthen.

After the invasion of the Animoji during their first weekend of availability, the users began to make different tests on the iPhone X. One of them was to cover part of the TrueDepth sensor to see if the Animoji were still working, which happens. This led many to believe that Apple had restricted the use of Animoji to the iPhone X artificially and as a selling point of the star terminal of this generation.

iPhone X Technical characteristics

The iPhone X is all screen and design. With its 5.8-inch Super retina screen, It now reaches the ends adjusting to the rounded edges with complete precision and elegance. OLED display with dazzling colors, authentic blacks, and a spectacular glow that gives us a 1,000,000:1 contrast. Designed in glass, both in its frontal apart and its posterior, with the most resistant crystal used in a Smartphone and combined with surgical grade stainless steel

It integrates the new facial recognition, with which you can unlock the iPhone X with the face ID, sign in and use Apple Pay with total security. The unique face ID is used in the new TrueDepth camera that projects and analyzes 30,000 invisible points creating a detailed depth map of your face.

The front camera gets selfies with a close-up I knew crisp and with an entirely blurred background achieving a professional bokeh effect. Also, combined with the new TrueDepth the camera analyzed more than 50 muscle movements that reflected in up to 12 emojis fun through a message.

12MPX's front camera with its new color filter brought deeper pixels and enhanced image stabilization (OIS) getting stunning pictures and as you've never seen. The wide-angle and telephoto lens with an optical zoom of up to X 10 allows us to have the closest to a professional camera in our pocket.

His brain is now more powerful more intelligent and of more excellent performance, the A11 Bionic chip capable of performing up to 600 billion operations per second. 4 cores that are up to 70% faster than the A10 Fusion chip and the 2 cores that give up to 25% more speed.

With its innovative wireless charging technology and AirPower smart base, you will be able to charge the iPhone X without the need for any cable.

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